Eastern United Development Limited has obtained a gold trading license in 2021. Being one of the members of The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society in Hong Kong for trading physical and online gold and silver (Membership number: 191), we provide physical gold and spot precious metals trading services. In order to provide better services, the Group has continuously invested in trading systems, real-time quotations and various equipment. Customers can trade on our stable online trading platform; our website also provide real-time financial information, customers are kept abreast of timely market information to make their investment decision.


Gold is the most important precious metal in the non-ferrous metal family . Due to the special characteristics of gold products , gold has been regarded as an important investment tools for a long time , and a necessary components in every investor’s portfolio . Due to the historical status of gold standard in the monetary system for the last century , gold has played the role of an inflation hedge and safe haven whenever the market confidence has turned weaker . During period of hyper – inflation , fiat currency will lose value and gold is one of the pseudo -currency that investors are willing to put their trust in.


Silver has occupied the second place of importance in precious metal , comes after gold . For thousands of years , silver has been used in decoration , manufacturing , trading purpose and has played a major role as reserve in monetary system .


Precious metals are non-ferrous metals such as gold , silver , platinum andpalladium . Gold and Silver are the most frequently traded precious metals in both spot and futures market. Today , there’s enormous gold reserves in central banks of different countries as stabilizers to their financial system . Silver has also been regarded as a storage of value and used as a currency in history .Nowadays , silver are major precious metal in industrial usage and dentistry .

Spot Gold ( or “Loco London Gold ) and Spot Silver ( “Loco London Silver” ) are traded 24 hours a day in the OTC ( “Over the Counter” ) market , through an international networks of financial institutions and banks . By employing leverage to trade on the spot market , Investors can take advantage of the rise and fall in gold prices and earn a profit by the price difference . The leverage is provided to the investors so that investors can be more flexible with regards to their employment of fund.

Factors affecting the prices

1 USD Trend USD Trend
2 Oil Price Price changes in crude oil will trigger changer is gold prices .
3 Inflation accelerating inflation rates can cause sharp rise in goldprices .
4 World Gold Reserves changes in central bank reserves of physical gold .
5 Political Tension Political Tension
6 Supply and Demand varying supply and demand factors trigger the prices .
7 varying supply and demand factors trigger the prices . gold and silver are important jewelry .
8 Production Cost Bottom will hit when gold drops to production cost level .
9 Global Financial Market there is interaction in financial Markets in general.